Tucker Holmes keeps abreast of the most recent developments in areas of concern to its insurance clients. In this context, we have prepared comprehensive outlines of the law in some relevant areas. These are some of the most readable and informative materials of their kind.

Manuals available from Tucker Holmes include:

Avoiding Insurance Bad Faith

This manual defines and clarifies the nature of both first and third party bad faith claims, the parties entitled to sue and the damages that may be claimed. It also provides an outline of adjusting practices which will help eliminate bad faith claims.

Colorado Uninsured Motorist Claims

This manual outlines coverage and adjusting considerations in the handling of Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist claims in Colorado, including evaluation of primacy, multiple claims, authorized and unauthorized set set-offs, and stacking.

Unfair Claims Practices Act

This material outlines the critical aspects of Colorado's Unfair Claims Practices Act to further assist adjusters in understanding the scope of the law and their obligations to their insureds. Our attorneys have presented seminars at the Colorado Defense Lawyer's Association Annual Convention and the Denver Claims Association Annual Meeting. We present seminars concerning these and other areas of Colorado law to interested clients and others, and offer telephone consulting to assist with day to day claims handling.